2016 Sales Compensation Almanac

By David J. Cichelli

AGI Press (2016)

The 2016 Sales Compensation Almanac provides the latest trends, resources and insights into sales compensation solutions. Look for a new edition each year as we update select topics, findings and resources to reflect current content.

Sales compensation is an exceptional management tool, yet a moving target needing constant attention. Excellent designs one year may give way to necessary updates and revisions the following year. Sales compensation stakeholders, including executive management, sales leaders, finance and HR professionals, are often looking for specific resources, survey findings and publications to address sales compensation design and administration challenges. The Sales Compensation Almanac provides the latest research and resources in this space.

Sections in this year’s edition include:

  • 2016 Sales Compensation Trends Survey
  • 2015 Sales Quotas Practices Survey
  • Sales Compensation Multiyear Trends
  • Reference Guide to Sales Compensation Surveys
  • Sales Compensation Automation Solutions Vendors
  • Sales Compensation Education Resources
  • Case Studies
  • Whitepapers
  • Articles Listing
Sales Compensation Almanac 2016


“The Sales Compensation Almanac is a must-read annually! Professionals and leaders who work in, with, or manage a sales team will find this book an excellent source of sales compensation trends and resources.”

“The Sales Compensation Almanac is my go-to resource! The surveys provide solid current data that is invaluable when developing Sales Compensation programs.”