David Cichelli and his team at the Alexander Group (AGI) provide the world’s leading sales organizations with management consulting services for the full spectrum of sales force needs, as well as compensation analysis and performance benchmarking based on the industry’s richest repository of sales data.

AGI applies years of experience and its Sales Management SystemTM, a proven methodology to evaluate and improve sales organizations. We understand sales and marketing business challenges. We roll up our sleeves to work alongside our clients, to realign their sales coverage, measure and improve sales effectiveness, develop and implement sales programs, and train sales personnel. Beyond that, our keen focus on measurement ensures that we deliver value to our clients. And results.

Alexander Group’s services include:

  • Sales Transformation: Large-scale engagements to reinvent sales organizations
  • Sales Coverage: Align sales resources with market opportunities
  • Sales Productivity: In-depth assessments to maximize sales potential
  • Sales Analytics: Insights from the sales industry’s most robust set of data
  • Sales Compensation: Aligning sales compensation with company goals

Our Approach:

At the heart of how we work is the 8 Pillars Model, a proven methodology for driving growth through more efficient and effective use of selling resources.

We focus on three key areas:
Sales Strategy. We assess sources of sales growth and find the right mix of sales channels and resources.

Sales Structure. We determine what sales processes best meet buyer needs and which sales roles will execute those processes to drive sales growth.

Sales Management. Once the strategy and structure are in place, we help companies measure, track and manage them for constant improvement.

These three components are supported by sales operations and technologies and driven by effective sales leadership.

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