Alexander Group Publishes 2020 Sales Compensation Trends Survey

Posted on January 28, 2020 under Press/Media

More than 120 sales departments participated in the Alexander Group’s 2020 Sales Compensation Trends Survey. One of the key findings indicates that only 39.8% of the survey respondents have above-average sales confidence they will achieve their revenue objective for 2020. This is a drop from last year’s confidence of 57%. Another finding shows 90.9% of the reporting companies plan to make changes to the sales compensation program for 2020.

“While sales leaders do not expect a major downturn in 2020, they are more cautious about 2020 sales performance than the sales projections they offered for 2019,” said David Cichelli, survey editor and revenue growth advisor of the Alexander Group. “Additionally, we found some noteworthy sales compensation practices for 2020. Most companies (90%) provide a base pay to their sellers, but not all companies grant an annual increase in base pay. Only 66.9% plan to give a base pay increase in 2020.”

Other Noteworthy Highlights

  • 3% is the median increase in total earnings planned for 2020.
  • 56.4% of the surveyed companies plan to increase headcount in 2020.
  • 10% turnover is consistent with previous years.
  • 90% of all participants provide a base pay to their sellers with or without a draw or guarantee.
  • 66.9% of the reporting companies plan to give base pay increases.
  • 45% was the median population of sales personnel reaching quota among the surveyed companies in 2019.
  • 53.7% use an automation tool developed by others.

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