Why select David Cichelli for an upcoming speaking engagement?

Ranked as one of the top speakers in his field and a guru in the industry, David has a proven record of delivering engaging, educational and interactive sessions with audiences of all sizes and scope. Read a sampling of his reviews below.

“David Cichelli is an energetic speaker who instantly gains credibility with meeting participants. His clear command of the subject matter and real life examples give you comfort that you are learning from a true expert. He handles the subject with humor and provides an excellent opportunity for questions and answers. You leave the session with greater understanding of sales compensation and a desire to learn even more.”
-Atlanta Area Compensation Association, Joan Berland, Head of Compensation, Invesco

“David’s approach to compensation planning takes the mystery out of the process of defining plans that truly drive results. Engaging and extremely high-energy, David is one of the few speakers we are asked to bring back again and again by our audience of c-level officers. Our members feel that the value of his presentation alone paid for their time and travel investment in our event!”

-Association for Financial Technology (AFT), Kelli Schultz, VP & Program Chair, AFT

“David Cichelli’s presentation of the material was clear and concise. More importantly, it was liberally flavored with his personal experiences and insights. As an executive team, we left the day with a much stronger shared understanding of sales compensation vocabulary and current plan design thinking – exactly our goal. Many thanks.”

-Community Coffee Senior Management Team, Terry Bowman, VP, HR,
Community Coffee Company, L.L.C.

“David provided us with the kind of sales management and compensation expertise that up until now has really only been available to Fortune 500 companies. This kind of knowledge is even more vital for smaller growth companies facing today’s challenging business environment. He gave us the ability to structure our sales compensation so that we can achieve our ambitious revenue objectives and avoid the need for outside growth financing, which is difficult to obtain and expensive in today’s environment.”

-Learning4Leaders in Vancouver, Robert Park, President & CEO, FinancialCAD Corporation

“David Cichelli was wonderful!! I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed his class (Elements of Sales Compensation Seminar) and how much we learned from him. He’s not only an absolute subject matter expert, with a wealth of experience and stories to illustrate the material, but he is also incredibly engaging and entertaining, and at times had us rolling in our seats with laughter.

“Most of the sales compensation constructs and principles he taught us, he actually developed, so he really is a thought leader in this area. We definitely think it would be worth getting him back again, possibly to teach this course again or to teach this course and the one-day course on sales compensation design, which goes into detail on how to construct the sales formulas.”

-South African Reward Association, Dianne Auld, Pick n Pay Corporate Office,
Cape Town, South Africa

“David is a knowledgeable and captivating speaker, and I would recommend him for a wide variety of audiences. He is able to boil down a sometimes dry and confusing topic into something interesting and accessible to all.”

-Twin Cities Compensation Network, Maureen Mullikin, Program Committee Member